Hi, I’m Adam, a pianist and euphonium player based in Philadelphia, PA.

My piano playing is mostly collaborative in nature. I’ve worked with countless singers, string players, brass musicians, and woodwind players on their repertoire, and I’ve played everything from Verdi opera transcriptions to the Vaughan Williams Tuba Concerto (that one still gives me nightmares).

Regarding euphonium, I received an MMus in euphonium performance from TCU, I’ve worked with the world’s leading artists, and I’ve found success in competitions like Young Texas Artists, the Falcone Festival, the US Army Young Artists competition, and more.

For inquiries regarding piano or brass engagements, please get in touch – I’d love to hear from you.

Piano and Euphonium Recordings

More About My Musical Life

Sometimes you just have to get away. That’s what I did from 2016-2018; I finished my master’s degree in music, moved back to Philadelphia with my wife Erika, and jumped into digital marketing full time. I hardly touched the piano or euphonium.

I had started the piano at age five and the euphonium at eight, and they both came naturally to me. As the child of talented musicians, I didn’t have much choice, did I? The gene pool is only so big! I started getting paid as a collaborative pianist in high school, and I received recognition for my euphonium playing from KCEA, PMEA, and numerous instrumental competitions up and down the east coast.

During my undergrad years, I continued to work as a collaborative pianist while I racked up more euphonium accolades from MTNA and other organizations. That ultimately led to a full ride in euphonium for my master’s degree at TCU, and I continued to work as a collaborative pianist for vocalists and instrumentalists during grad school.

Grad school came to an end, and I needed a break.

It wasn’t until 2018 that I was pulled back into the arts – my wife (also a musician) and I decided to start a music business. Within six months, our piano teaching studio was ranking #1 on Google for the phrase “piano lessons Philadelphia,” and I started helping other musicians build businesses after that. My love for music was more or less reignited.

Now, I’m back at it — working with vocalists on their repertoire, making euphonium recordings, and gearing up for the next piano competition season.

Pianist + Euphonium Player in Philadelphia


Learn more about my life at the piano, what I’m currently practicing, and how we can work together.


Let’s talk about euphonium. What is this mysterious instrument anyways, and why am I playing it?