The Client

BenQ, a large consumer electronics brand, sells work monitors, gaming equipment, photography monitors, projectors, connected displays, and more. They own the Zowie brand as well, and their web presence is spread across a number of subdomains.

The Need

BenQ came to me because they had $25,000 to spend on digital advertising in Q3 of 2019. They needed to boost monitor sales, reclaim some branded traffic from Amazon, and in particular, earn more publicity for their line of Zowie gaming monitors. These monitors retail for $200-$2,000 apiece, depending on the specs.

The Work

Campaign Build

This particular client needed a Google Ads campaign built from scratch, so I started with intensive keyword research around the following angles:

  • Use cases: gaming monitors, photography monitors, eye care monitors, home office monitors, and more
  • Specifications: Curved monitors, USB-C monitors, 1440p monitors, etc
  • Branded keywords

All told, I built 40 unique ad groups, and I carefully siloed these ad groups via corresponding negative keyword lists. The goal was to avoid overlap so the shopper would always see the most relevant ad; for instance, if the search query was “1440p BenQ gaming monitor,” they would see this ad:

Regarding keyword targeting, I started with broad match modified keywords (+gaming +monitor for instance) to capture all of the relevant traffic possible. After downloading the search query report several days in a row, I pulled the most effective phrases used by web searchers and targeted those exclusively with phrase match keyword lists.

Optimization Process

The campaign was particularly hands-on because of the volume of products that BenQ sells. I actively excluded competitor brand names, because I didn’t want to spend budget on phrases like “best buy gaming monitor near me,” and I also had to make sure that there was minimal overlap between campaigns. I also activated excluded bargain hunters; phrases like “cheap gaming monitor” are not profitable in the long run.

We received enough conversion volume for me to deploy some of Google Ads’ AI features — I turned to the Target CPA bidding strategy after we received a critical number of conversions, and that dramatically decreased our cost per lead.

The ad review process was also rigorous. I ran roughly 50 A/B tests on ads, and by the final month of the campaign, only our top performing advertisements were getting clicks.


Unfortunately, I did not have access to revenue reporting for this project – they preferred to handle that in-house. However, the $25,000 in budget resulted in:

  • 3,660 conversion actions – I set these actions up in Google Tag Manager, and they included add-to-cart clicks, phone number clicks, form submissions, “buy now” clicks, and clicks through to an ecommerce subdomain that I did not have access to.
  • An overall cost per lead of $6.93
  • 20.47% conversion rate

The added benefit of a highly targeted ecommerce campaign of this volume is that the retargeting list was huge by the end. When my engagement with them came to an end and they brought the work back in-house, they had huge audiences of site visitors to send retargeting ads to.