What if you could have content on your website that prospective students (or their parents) want to read? What if you knew what people were searching for and could create blogs, articles, and videos accordingly?

When I build content strategies for clients, I use tools to find phrases that people are searching for (either nationally or in a specific location) and see how often people are searching for those phrases.

For instance, the phrase “guitar lessons in Los Angeles” receives 200 searches per month, whereas the phrase “how much do guitar lessons cost” receives 600 searches per month (nationally).

Once armed with a sizable list of keywords and phrases, you can build a content strategy that will reach new clients that may not have heard of you before. This is called “content marketing” for music studios, and it can directly lead to new students.

How I Build Music School & Studio Content Strategies That Work

Keyword Research

Firstly, I’ll create a list of prospective topics that would be a good fit for your website. I can also deliver the keyword volume (searches per month) along with these topics, and you are free to give me feedback on the topics I’ve chosen.

Creating The Content

Once you’ve signed off on the editorial calendar, we’re ready to start writing blogs or resources. We can agree on a set number of articles per month, and I will either write them myself or work with one of my writers. Only knowledgeable (and usually, degreed) musicians will write your content, and I edit everything that is sent your way.

Measuring The Results

So what should you expect from this content strategy? How will it result in new students?

First, each blog or article will link to either your home page or services page; this reinforces the high level pages on your site and helps them rank higher on Google. Additionally, these blogs, if written well (which will certainly be the case when you work with me) can rank on their own in the search engines. If someone in your city comes across your blog post on the “best guitar strings for beginners,” there’s a strong chance they’ll be interested in lessons as well!

I’d love to speak with you about a content strategy for your music teaching business – get in touch to learn more!