Are you interested in building a website from scratch, or is it time for a creative refresh?

These days, for a website to rank well on Google in a competitive niche or area, the site  needs to be mobile-friendly, fast, and user-friendly. If your website is out of date or hard to use, get in touch; we can use your existing CMS to refresh your current site or build you a new one.

Our Web Design Process

The Web Design Process

First, we will design the new website and send you a wireframe for approval. We believe that websites should be designed with user experience (UX) in mind, and we’ll carefully build our concepts around your conversion funnel.

Once you’ve approved the design, we will develop the site. Most of our projects utilize WordPress, but we are happy to use your CMS as well!

We can also keep your website up and running through ongoing maintenance, and we’re happy to assist with moving your website from http to https, dealing with hosting, and other technical considerations as well.

If you have any questions about web development or web design, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

What Pages Do You Need On a Music Studio Website?

Most of the conventional wisdom you read about on music blogs is completely wrong — at least from an SEO point of view. Here are three basic points that are always important:

  • You need a unique page for each service area. You can’t expect to rank for all of your target terms if you lump every service you offer together into the same page. If you’re a recording studio, you need a homepage, music production page, recording studio page, music arranging page, etc. If you’re a music school, you should have a unique page for each instrument you teach.
  • Each page should be roughly 1,000+ words long. Your highest value page will probably have to be longer if you want to rank on Google
  • Your blog needs to be loaded with search queries that are sought after on Google. NOT posts like “3 tips for learning the piano” etc., because nobody is typing that into Google.
  • Invest in great photography of yourself and your studio – it’s worth it!
  • Be personable. If you are a one-man show, don’t write in the third person. Write as yourself. People love to engage with real people online.

So here’s a possible site structure for a music school:

  • Homepage (optimized for your most important search query)
  • Services
  • Piano lessons
  • Voice lessons
  • Violin lessons
  • Guitar lessons
  • Etc.
  • About
    • Founder bio
    • Teacher bios
    • About the studio — your founding, etc.
  • Reviews or case studies
  • Blog
  • Contact

A Beautiful Website Will Increase Conversion Rates & Allow You To Charge More

There are tons of great templates out there for music schools — I’d go with either a WordPress template or Squarespace template.

Here’s a great example of a custom WordPress site I delivered to a piano business in London:

And here’s the Squarespace site I use for my local piano teaching business in Philadelphia: 

I cannot emphasize this enough: a beautiful, professional site will pay itself off in spades. Customers will be more likely to contact you if your site is professional (not amateur looking), and since their perception of your studio will be stronger, they will pay more for your services.

Let’s Build a Beautiful Music Studio Website

Your website will probably be the most important business investment you make, and it will keep benefiting you for many years if built correctly. Get in touch – I’d love to chat about your business’s unique needs and how we can address them with a great website.