You’ve probably heard of Adwords (now rebranded to “Google Ads”) and Bing advertising, and you may have written them off as too expensive for your business. Or maybe you’ve tried them, but no new students came your way. Perhaps, as a result, you’ve written these channels off altogether.

I highly recommend giving Google Ads and/or Bing  another chance.

I’ve managed millions of dollars in spend on these platforms, and the businesses I’ve worked with include large national companies, small local firms, and yes, a piano studio.

Through skilled management, you may be able to scale your music teaching business through Google Ads alone. Whether you’re implementing remarketing through the display network, or running a “search” campaign based on relevant keywords, there have never been as many tools at your disposal to find new students and maintain a positive return on your investment (ROI).

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Getting Music Students Through Google Ads (Formerly Adwords)

Advertising through Google Ads manifests itself in two ways: the display network and the search network. I highly recommend using both channels simultaneously; this always results in more leads.

“Search” Campaigns Through Google Ads

Wouldn’t you love to  advertise directly to people who are actively searching for your service? That’s what you get with Google’s search advertising.

If a potential student searches for “best voice lessons near me,” you can show an advertisement to that individual. You can even show ads directly in the “map pack.” And yes, you can narrow down your targeting even more than that.

You can target specific ZIP codes or cities, and you can even set up a “geofence” within a certain radius of your business. You can also target exact phrases, like “North Miami Beach Piano Lessons,” and you can manage the times of day that your ads show based on how well they perform.

That’s only the beginning of your targeting options; a search campaign in the hands of a skilled professional can do wonders for your business.

Display Advertising for Music Schools

By utilizing the Google Display Network, you can display advertisements to potential students as they browse the web. But how do you know that your ads are being shown to relevant web users?

Firstly, you can create a “remarketing” campaign. Through these campaigns, you can show ads to people who have already visited your site—it’s amazing what a simple reminder can do. If you have properly implemented tracking on your site (I’m happy to help with this), and if you get a sufficient amount of traffic to your site already, you can get clicks in a remarketing campaign for $0.50 or less.

Google’s targeting features on the display network have also come a long way in recent years; you can create “custom audiences,” target web users who are actively searching for music lessons, and show banner ads specifically on websites where your target audiences spend time.

Search Advertising Through Bing

Google isn’t the only search engine; when a web user searches for relevant terms on Bing or Yahoo, you can show ads there as well. The process is exactly like Google’s search advertising, only the clicks can be significantly cheaper.

Facebook and Instagram Ads for Music Studios

While I don’t often recommend paid social media advertising, sponsored posts, remarketing, and other paid outlets on Facebook and Instagram can be effective. By implementing the proper tracking, audience targeting, and creative assets, you can certainly acquire new students through social media advertising.

Do you have any questions about getting music students through Google Ads, Bing, or paid social media? Get in touch! I’d love to hear more about your business and your needs.