You might be thinking that a classical music podcast is for old people. It is. So is toothpaste.

Unlike toothpaste though, classical music has a stuffy reputation. And it’s well deserved. Who decided that classical musicians should dress like socialites while musicians who actually make money—you know, almost any other kind of musician—don’t?

Truth is, classical music played a role in some of the craziest stories in history. You probably think Billy Joel is weird (you’ve heard Attila, too?). You probably think Pink Floyd is weird. You might think that French people are weird. They are.

But the stories behind some of the world’s most famous classical tunes are weirder than French people. And that’s why we decided to create a podcast telling the stories of the personalities behind symphonies, concertos, and opera buffa. We’ll even talk about Beaumarchais. He’s French.

We’re really the only people who do what we do, which makes us the best at it, right? And we have cool artwork too.

That being said, you probably shouldn’t listen to Backstage if you don’t want to be the most interesting person around. Or if you like French people (Just kidding. Francois Hollande and Jacques Clouseau aren’t that bad, and we actually like French people very much).

Seriously though, we’ve spent more time digging up obscure stories than Boris Johnson has spent drinking Hicks and Healey. And our noses aren’t red and puffy.

Grab some toothpaste and start listening.


Your Handsome Podcasting Duo,

Adam & Justen